Sermon Collection 7.12


An intereting collection of sermons, prayers and religious teachings of different preachers.

The creator of Sermon Collection is a preacher, and this collection perfectly reflects their activity. It is a collection of sermons, prayers and diverse orations, all of which are accessible from the main page of Sermon Collection.

You will also find sermons from other classic preachers, like ´Sinners in the hands of an angry God´ by Jonathan Edwards, and sermons by John Wesley, Murray McCheyne or D.M. Lloyd-Jones, among others. The program also has fragments from the Bible.

But we haven´t finished yet, as Sermon Collection can also play you the sermons out loud. Obviously for this you need some kind of multimedia player.

Sermon Collection is a completely free spiritual help tool that takes up little space: just over one and a half megabytes.


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